A NEW DAWN – Powerful Music Mix | Epic and Beautiful Orchestral Hybrid Music

A NEW DAWN - Powerful Music Mix | Epic & Beautiful Orchestral Hybrid Music

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Publisher Atom Music Audio
Album EON 2018
Mastering Lyubomir Yordanov (https://www.youtube.com/user/lyordanovcomposer)

EON captivates the senses with passionately emotional, beautiful, moving and melancholy themes anchored by modern cinematic sound and orchestral elegance. The music somehow evokes an ominous duality of emotions, each incredibly powerful yet delicately subtle. Every note is felt, every melody purposeful, and every theme explored to its fullest. Heartache longing, peace, fear, strength and honor are evoked through sweeping string ensembles, brass, gentle pianos, somber choirs, light synths and strong percussion. There is a fragile beauty, a sad dignity that underlies the pack of 18 tracks and we can only describe them as raging placidity, melancholic sanguinity and turbulent tranquility.
– Atom Music Audio

0000 Still Alive
0258 Stellarium
0618 Across the Universe
0918 Downpour
1233 We Are Warriors
1537 A New Dawn
1937 Gauntlet
2253 Surrender
2656 Cosmic Vortex
2824 Running for It
3021 Trapped in Time

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artist Softyrider62
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deviantart http://softyrider62.deviantart.com/
tumblr www.tumblr.com/blog/softyrider62

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All rights belongs to the channel Premium Music HQ and the artists mentioned in the description
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