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Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all doing great and having a good summer. I’m very happy to share with you today a new piece of music called «As Long As God Loves Us».

The main contemplation of the orchestration has for subject human moral issues and its redemption through the love and forgiveness of God.

I really don’t want to bother you with a long read, so if you want to know more about the meaning of the track, you can read it down below. Love you all so much, thank you for being here. You guys are true magic.


Sometimes, weight of our mistakes and sins can be so heavy, so impossible to carry, that it reaches a point where — even the most sophisticated philosophy — can’t do anything to annihilate the feeling of being morally guilty.

Dostoevsky explained it well in many of his books, particularly «Crime & Punishment» where the main protagonist of the book killed two persons. Even thought he believes that no such thing as God and objective moral values exist, he felt like a true murderer anyway.

Back in my own way to God, I came to realize that, even thought I tried to make good actions, my wrong duties were still present. And, most often, we tend to think that being morally guilty is to kill, or to rape. But it’s incredibly more subtle than this. A toxic word, even a simple bad thought against someone is already enough.

I remember in my 19’s reading a lot of religious and science paperwork, as soon as I started to consider my existence seriously. Christianity was the latest thing I wanted to get familiar with. I had so many stereotypes that it intellectually shames me today. Finally, after months of anguishes, I came to consider the person of Christ, proclaiming that He was God incarnated coming to die for man-kind. The more I read his life, the more I fell in love with such being.

After weeks, I decided to surrender to Him. In almost 10 years of being a christian theist, I have never felt any condemnation from God. Instead, I always felt such profound love that my entire worldview and duties changed. Not because of fear but because of that irresistible love.

If some of you also deal with that, know that Christ is for you, not matter what. He loves you more that you could imagine.

Regarding the orchestration of the track : I wanted to illustrate the voice of repentance/redemption by a children choir which you can here at the very start of the cue.

The staccatos represent the resolution of redemption and its consistency.

The soprano voice in the first climax represents the response of Christ, and the second part the entire kingdom of God. Here the staccatos stops as well as the children choir to listen to Christ’s voice.

Redemption is now fully effective. Everything is becoming new.

Side note : At 2:59, you can hear in the background children playing. This represents innocence, back when we were just kids.

God bless you all,

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