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Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope that you are having a great November month. Second of all, I’m very pleased to share with you «Fear Not» an orchestration made for an upcoming mobile video game named «Daniel.»

If everything goes fine, It will be the main menu music. The rest should come while the game is still in development. The team is incredibly kind, and their vision truly inspires me. I will gladly let you know when the game will be out.

Videogame resume: Daniel and his friends’ city has been besieged by the King Nebucanedtsar. They find themselves prisoners and separated from their families. The formers are led to the lands of an unknown kingdom for a new life. What will become of them? Where are they taken? So many questions, which will be answered throughout the game.

Story of the track :

«Fear Not» is a recurrent phrase given by God in Scriptures. The Bible is actually full of imperfect people which dealt with doubts, insecurities, intense fear or anguishes, sickness, all kind of issues one can encounter in life. They were exactly like us. The Bible relates their journey with God, and how Faith in Him, delivered them.

Daniel and his close friends were living in time of intense pressure caused by the Babylonian Empire when they took over Israel between 605 & 562 BC. Nebucadnestar, the King of Babylonia took them to serve in his palace. Once, the king asked Daniel’s friends to deny their God and they refused. They were sent into the fire, and they did not burn. After seeing this, the king recognized the power of the God of Israel. Many years after, he converted himself. Once Daniel was sent to the Lions for one entire night. As He leaned on God with all of his heart, the Lions did not eat him.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bother you with a long read. I have noted few pivotal points for one wich desires to progress in his relationship with God.

Daniel never stops to pray even where there was no “apparent” answers. We tend to think that if God does not answer fast to our prayers then it’s not true. This is not how prayer works. Prayer is a true art, yet simple. The following verse reveals something incredibly pivotal:

«Then he (an angel) said to me, “Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.»

1) Set your heart to understand
2) Humbled yourself before God
3) Your words have been heard

1 – Daniel decided in his heart, to understand God and did not fake anything. He could have found so many reasons to not trust in Him. Everything around him seemed so hopeless, but he decided to hold on Him however. To go further and further in his understanding of God’s personality. When we got new friends, it’s natural to try to understand them, why they believe this, why they act like that etc. Same should be with God!

2 – Daniel came has he was and he humbled before Him. If we were invited by the president, we would act in a humble way. I do believe this. Imagine with God! Daniel felt the immensity of God’s being and realized the humble being he was. God saw it, and this changed everything. Daniel became after years the right arm of Nebucadnestar.

3 – Your very first words are heard. The first seconds, the first minute. Never ever give up, just stick with it all the time.

We can do the same in our prayer life. Set our heart to understand God, humble ourselves. We can tell God everything we have in our soul. All our problems. But let’s stick with it. We should not give up on one prayer. Praying and keep observing. Daniel is a great archetype of prayer. It takes time, sometimes. And while doing this, we won’t ever be the same.

Construction of the track :

Something very simple came to me while considering the story of Daniel. The main melody represents the time of «wait» while living in a difficult or unusual situation. The secret call of the heart to God for things to change! The slow tempo represents the peace of God, His protection and the promise of blessings.

Love you all so much!
Thank you for being here.

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